Don't Miss Out On The Current Construction Gold Rush And Secure A Profitable Opportunity For Your Cleaning Company
Start Raking In New Income From Post Construction Cleanup Jobs
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The Construction Industry Is Booming Right Now...
So Why Haven't More Cleaning Companies Jumped In To Get Their Piece Of The Pie? 
Work Scheduling Can Be A
Costly Nightmare
 Without Effective Site Supervision And A Labor Tracking System Your Quality And Overruns Can Quickly Spiral Out Of Control
High Risk Of Suffering
From Profit Loss
 Construction Clean Ups Are Never The  Same. So Shoddy Site Visits and Inaccurate Proposals  Can Be Devastating To Your Entire Business
Contract Abuse Is
Extremely Routine
Poor Relationships And Unclear Service Terms With General Contractors Can Cause Extra Unpaid Work and Other Expensive Penalties
Post Construction Cleaning Isn't Hard But Does Require A Different Skill Set To Be Successful And Profitable.  
SO...How Can YOU Get Started With Out Losing Large Amounts Of Time And Money In The Process? 
 Below Are Just A Few Of The Success Skills You'll Learn That Can Move You From Slow To Pro 
Pro Skill #1
Effectively Controlling Labor And Job Cost
   You'll get proven directions for the right ways to identify what gets cleaned, when it gets cleaned, stay on your budget, and supervise the whole process effectively
Pro Skill #2
Craft Proposals That Reduce Risks 
  Discover how to identify common pitfalls, estimate the accurate hours, effectively price, and write a professional proposal that will set you you apart from the competition
Pro Skill #3
Develop A Profitable Working Relationships 
We'll reveal how to build solid communication channels with General Contractors that will help you paid on time, avoid costly reworks, and invoice for your extra work
Now Is Your Time To Bypass The Expensive Learning Curve
Set Yourself Up For Profitability Right From The Start
Too many people jump into post construction cleaning thinking that they can market, bid, and operate this type of work the same as a regular cleaning job. 

 They Typically Get An Unpleasant Surprise...

The Scope of Work, Crew Management, Supervision, Quality Control, and most importantly GETTING PAID are completely different from performing regular cleaning services.

Your survival in this niche depends on understanding and being skilled enough to accurately evaluate hours, cover your overhead, and build in the right profit contribution on every proposal you submit from the very beginning.

Entering this service niche on your own, without coaching or mentoring, can cost you thousands of lost hours and dollars before figuring out a winning combination for your cleaning company. 

This complete virtual course clearly explains everything you need to
FIND, BID, and EXECUTE Post Construction Clean Up Jobs.
Inside This Seven Module Course Is Everything You Need To Get Your Company Started In This Highly Profitable Niche
  • Pros And Cons With Thorough Explanations Of How To Put Money To Your Bottom Line
  • How To Build Effective Marketing With A Concise Message To Attract The Right Customers
  • What To Look For During A Site Walk Through And The Proper Questions To Ask 
  • Crafting A Powerful Proposal To Sell The Job And Invoice For Expedited Payment
  • Planning For Effective Crew Training, Supervision and Organizational Cleaning Tactics
  • Spotting Red Flags And Profit Drainers To Prevent Loss During Post Construction Cleanup
  • Bonus Download Check Lists For Estimating, Pre-Clean Inspection And Contractor Sign Off
Learn On Your Own Schedule
We get it, you are busy running your company which can make it difficult to attend meetings, a live webinar, or even travel. So the entire skills development course is online and accessible whenever the time is right for you.
Discover What Works From The Experts Who Have Successfully Been There And Done That... 
This Skills Development Class Is Built Off Of Sharon Cowan's Highly Successful Book 

Post Construction Cleanup 101: 
How You Can REALLY Make Money "Cleaning Up" A Construction Property

What's NEW Is That We Have Assembled A Team Of Industry Professionals To Guide You Through The Material, Expand On Topics, And Answer Any Questions You Might Have.

Upon Purchasing This Course You Are Gaining Access To Over 120 Years Of Combined Knowledge, Experience, And Success
Ed Selkow
Has built and sold a multi-million dollar cleaning company. In addition to that has generated hundreds of millions in new contracts for national companies as a C-suite executive and years of private consulting
Sharon Cowan, CBSE
Has built and sold a multi million dollar cleaning company . She has helped many others do the same over the decades as a private Coach/Speaker/Skills Developer to cleaning service companies
Mark Anderson
Has built and sold an eight figure facility services company. Over $100,000,000 of contract services sold in 40 years of business. Developed five branches all over a million dollars in annual revenue
Imagine The Excitement That Comes From Discovering A Low Cost Stream Of New Income
Endless Possibilities And Reoccurring Opportunities Await Your Cleaning Company When You Enter The Post Construction Clean Up Industry
  •   Diversification Of Business Growth
  •   New Work In Multiple Sub-Divisions
  •   Services To Tenants After Completion
  •   Long Term Partnerships With Builders
  •  Additional Profit Generators Like Tile And Grout Sealing, Window Washing, And Carpet Cleaning.
But the craziest thing we’ve seen working with business owners over the past 2 decades is that a good majority fail to understand the importance of expanding into additional service areas to win more business and make more money.

All Too Common PARTIAL EXCUSE LIST: "don't have time", "not big enough",
"too expensive", "lacking the knowledge or experience", "it's too hard"... etc

So we wanted to make this an easy decision and accessible to as many people who want to be ahead of the curve and are immediately ready to get on board.   

This offer Is Going Out To Thousands Of Businesses All At One Time. The price is only $397 for a limited time.

Early Bird Special -  if you purchase before 8/14/2018 you will receive a 30 minute private consultation with Sharon a $175 Value Fast Action Bonus!
DISCLAIMER: There is a self serving reason we are offering this special pricing. Since this is the first version of the course we want to earn your personal testimonial to use as a reference and also your suggestions for future programs
This Service Can Not Only Generate More Profits Today But Also Into The Future !
One $4,000 Post Construction Clean-Up Job Pays Back Your Entire Initial $397 Investment
Here Is How The Math Works Out...
Companies Invoicing Under $1.5 million/year, on average, make 40% gross operating margin (GOM)
Here's What Happens When You Sell Just $4,000 Of Post Construction Clean Up Work
Your New Revenue $4,000 x .4 = $1,600/month (GOM) 

Overhead Contribution of 30% $1,200

10% Gross Profit Is Earned 10%=$400

BINGO! Your Couse Investment has been Paid In Full From Your Gross Profit Alone

You are just one click away from forever changing your company's path to more growth and profitability.

 If only $4,000 does that, just imagne what an additional ten or twenty times that $4,000 could do for you and your business. 
Seriously, Are You Willing to Miss Out On This New And Lucrative Opportunity by not Offering This Speciality Cleaning Service In Your Market?
Post Construction Cleanup 101 Has Been Specifically Geared Towards Setting You Up For Success
Your Investment Includes
  • Sharon's Seven Chapter Book "Post Construction Cleanup 101" In PDF Format
  • Two Hours Of Key Point Audio Training That Corresponds To All Seven Book Chapters
  • A Downloadable Slide Deck Of All The Audio Training Key Points For Easy Reference
  • Five Necessary Forms For Operating Your Post Construction Business
  • A Check Off List Of Sixteen Must Ask Walk Through Questions To Avoid Common Disasters 
  • Popular Post Construction Cleanup Digital Lead Resources To Get You Started
  • Membership To Sharon's Private FB Group Where You Can Ask Questions And Get Answers
  • A Sixty Minute Closed Interview where Ed, Mark, and Sharon Discuss More PCC Pro Secrets
  • One Live Sixty Minute Webinar Where We Will Answer Your Live Or Write In Questions
Remember that your entire skills development course is online and accessible whenever the time is right for you.
"Our Don't Go It Alone" Guarantee
We'll Work Along Side You Because Your Success Is Important To Us
If you have not earned your entire investment ($397) by the end of your first 6 months after purchasing the class, send us all of your  bids from the last 180 days and we'll review them with you. In addition to that we'll help you do your next bid up to $4,000.
Oh Yeah ... We Almost Forgot To Mention
Act Now And Get These 2 Bonus Items!
These Reports Were Produced By Janitorial Growth Solutions For Special Live Broadcasts And Are Only Released On A Limited Basis!
  Must Know Principals For A Succesful Cleaning Business
Ideas And Tips For Lead Generation & Prospecting, Bidding & Estimating, Proposal Writting, and Presentation & Sales Strategies
How To Avoid Common Pitfalls When Entering Cleaning Business Relationships
Whether You Are A Sub-Contractor Or A Prime-Contractor This Check List Was Created To Keep Your Business Protected And Out Of Trouble And Stay Profitable
So What Are You Waiting For?
 Adding New Services is Crucial and Essential to Your Business Success. To Do That You Must Expand Your Personal Skills.
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